Mirrors and Spaces

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A mirror is an interior decorators secret weapon, far from just being a practical object a mirror is used, to add drama, create interesting reflections, amplify light and frame views.  The astounding addition of a mirror can transform you space in an instant. Take a look at our design tips for using mirrors in your home.

  1. Using mirrors to double your space- Adding a mirror will double the space in an instant.  Small spaces benefit from introducing a mirror, for example using a slim pier mirror make a narrow hallway appear much longer also placing a mirror on your on your largest wall to reflect as much light as possible back into the space you are designing.
  2. How to hand mirrors to exaggerate symmetry- Mirrors are important components when it comes to framing the view in your chosen space, when used in pairs they create a sense of harmony and balance.
  3. Choose different shaped mirrors- The correct shaped mirror will optimise in the correct position will optimise light coming into the room.  Consider the shape and style of your room and reflect that in the frame of your chosen mirror to amplify the space. Mirrors do not have to be practical and unusually shaped one will certainly create a wow factor.
  4. You can use mirrors to enhance a room- Mirrors have a way of deceiving the eye. It can be used to enhance something or deflect away from it, such as a gap too small to fit a piece of furniture or rooms with sloping ceilings can be repurposed with the use of a mirror.
  5. Make your mirror a window- For rooms that do not have any windows or natural light a mirror makes it feel much brighter and spacious. Choose designs that have a traditional window frame parts to assist in creating the illusion. 
  6. How to use mirrors to illuminate dark corners- Maximise the amount of light in a room by placing your chosen mirror behind a switched on lamp or pair with mirrored ornaments to reflect all sources of light. 
  7. How to use mirrors outdoors- Mirrors are not just for inside a home they are used to introduce more natural light, on a basement level garden, a shady courtyard or a terrace. If you live in an urban area, you might want to choose a mirror which will expand the horizon of an enclosed garden. 

Once you have tested the water and decorated your home with a few mirrors there is no looking back, we have every mirror possible to solve any decorating dilemma you may have.  Choose from an assortment materials, shapes and colours. 

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