Few things are better than kicking back in a cosy living room after a long day, especially during the colder months. To make this social space in the home an inviting sanctuary, where you and your loved ones can gather to relax and regroup, take these 7 tips into consideration.

Levels and layers
Ensure there is lighting at three different levels in the room. Low-level lighting includes table lamps and floor lamps, mid-level lighting is wall sconces, and the highest level is ceiling fixtures. These three levels of lighting should create a layered lighting look by including ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting in the form of ceiling fixtures, accent lighting from wall sconces, track lights, and cabinet lights, with table and floor lamps providing the task lighting.

Use table and floor lamps
Create pockets of serene light throughout your living room by introducing table and floor lamps. If your space is compact, then one fixture should do the trick, but a medium to large-sized living room calls for multiple lamps. Lamps give off a nice cosy glow but are also practical, especially when positioned next to a reading chair where extra illumination makes reading a book or doing other task-oriented activities more comfortable.

Make a statement with a pendant or chandelier
An attention-grabbing pendant or chandelier serves as a focal point in the living room. This gives the space character, which in turn creates a cosier feel. Pendant lighting in particular is also an opportunity for you to play with scale, contrast, materials, and colour.

Consider the colour and material of your fixtures
The colour of your lighting fixtures and the materials used, impact how cosy your living room feels. Opt for fixtures in warm hues of brown, taupe, caramel, mustard, and rust. Metallics such as bronze, gold, and copper also add warmth and a touch of luxe. Lampshades made with fabric and fixtures with wood accents, are also a great way of introducing that cosy factor into your space.

Less is more
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that more light equals a cosier ambience. While you do need sufficient light for your family and guests to feel comfortable, too much illumination can feel clinical and unpleasant.

Highlight personal items
Adding personality to your living room creates a welcoming feel. Framed photos, artwork, and interesting architectural details give your space character, so use accent lighting to highlight them.

Install a dimmer switch
If you only make one adjustment to your current living room set up in your quest to make it cosier, this should be it. Setting your lighting to a dimmer switch gives you total control of the level of lighting in the room, allowing you to decrease the brightness for relaxing or increase it for better visibility.

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